Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to use the Ivytree Studio Easy Scrap Printable Kit

Hi everyone,

As a Design Team Member of Ivytree Studio, my latest brief was to test run the new "e-zee Scrap Printable kit" called "Wild & Free Precious Moments" - a digital, double scrapbook layout kit - now available in the Ivytree Studio store. I was asked to create the layout exactly as in the provided sketch - no fancy alterations - to enable YOU to see how easy it is to use this kit.

As I work extensively with digital products from my own Digistamps4Joy shop, I was excited to try out this digital scrapbooking kit, having never created a scrapbook page with anything other than bought papers! Bit of a long post, but worth the read if you are using this kit.

Wow, what fun I had! This is my completed double page layout.

Instructions for using the downloadable kit
Once purchased and downloaded to your computer, the kit is in a PDF file format, with 9 pages of guidelines, a good sketch photo of the completed layout, and the exact sized elements needed to complete this double layout (with your own photos of course!). I used my regular colour Deskjet printer to print out the pages.

1. Print out pages 4 to 9 on plain white card - preferably 180 or 200gm (the same you use for card making) - so that you have the same thickness of printed elements as you would have had, if you had cut them out of bought scrapbook paper.
TIP ..... If you want to create the layered flowers like I did, then print out another set of pages from 5 to 9 (you do not need to double page 4).

2. Using a guillotine or craft knife and cutting board, cut out the pieces on page 4.

3. Using sharp-pointed scissors, take pages 5-9 and go and plonk yourself in front of the TV and cut out all the pieces on these pages (including the double pages if you printed them). I found this the most time consuming as there are lots of little bits - BUT definitely worth it - and if you had "bought paper" you would have done the same anyway!

3. Once cut. I chalked all the edges of the flowers (only the top one in the doubles) with a colour slightly darker than the actual printout, just to create that little bit of depth. Then I curled the edges of the petals. Each layer was raised with foam squares.

4. My base is 2 pieces of plain light green cardstock, which I taped together at the back. Following the sketch on page 3 (I printed this out on paper so had it in front of me all the time), start laying down the pieces from page 4, and then layering the pieces of page 5 on top of this.

5. If you are only doing one layer of the frames (page 6), then put these in place as shown on the sketch. If you - like me - decided on the double layer, paste the first layer down (no need to cut out the white centres), but you must cut out the white centres of the second set of frames. And this is where I messed up! I thought it would look nice if I used Glossy Accents on each frame to make them shine, so did them all before I left for work. When I came home however, ALL the edges had curled up - just too big an area for GA! So - and HERE IS THE BENEFIT OF USING A DIGITAL KIT - I printed out another sheet, then pushed this through my laminator, cut out the centres and the frames, and perfect!

6. Following the photo size guidelines in the kit, I printed the photo area the correct size, but cut about a 4mm white edge around them all, to make sure that the photo edges were well hidden behind the top frame. If you are only doing one layer of frame, obviously you would make sure the photos fit exactly into the frame. I raised all the frames with foam strips before putting into position.

7. The last thing to do is to place all the flowers and other elements in place as per the sketch. Again, I double layered using foam squares. I did make one more "blapse" and that was pointed out by my daughter whose baby shower it was - I had spelt the name of my granddaughter wrong with an additional "E" at the end, so instead of printing out a whole page again, I just stuck a little spare flower on top of the E - oops - no one knows except you LOL.

8. Mmmm this 'glitter queen' could not resist adding some glitter to the layout, but I am happy I did.

So what do you think? Reasons to try this kit.
  • It is VERY reasonably priced - cheaper than if you had driven to the store and bought all the papers and elements
  • You have the benefit of being able to print another page if you make a mistake (like I did)
  • You have instant access to a product, especially if you cannot get to a local store
  • The images are perfectly sized in this kit and all fit together beautifully.
 Ivytree Studio Kit used

Additional materials used
2 x cardstock for base
glitter glue
double-sided tape
foam squares
foam strips
lamination sheet and laminator

This fabulous KIT is available from Ivytree Studio

Visit Ivytree Studio to see more of what they are up to: www.ivytreestudio.co.za
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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Vintage Lodge 3D project

Woohooooo! My favourite craft is playing with paper to create 3D items, and this specific project has been the biggest challenge to date - BUT I achieved it!

I absolutely LOVE the 3D cutting files available at SVG Cuts, and when this one was made available I knew I had to try it. Funny thing is that when I started cutting all the various pieces out, I suddenly realised that the end product is going to be much much bigger in size than I envisioned! It is 41cm (front width) x 27 cm (side width) x 27 cm (height to top of chimney). There were so many pieces of shaped papers that I had to sort them out into different sleeve packets so I would not lose them. This is what my desk looked like - a HUGE mess!

After spending 20 hours putting this all together, my daughters and I created a scene with:
  • a draped white tablecloth
  • a snowman made out of polystyrene balls (granddaughter helped with that one)
  • a pathway made by spraying glue onto a strip of paper and sprinkling pool filter sand on it
  • two trees made by cutting branches of my fir tree and putting them into pots with sand and glue and then spraying them with snow spray
  • Christmas decoration made by stringing small red beads onto cord
  • just about covering the whole area with white flower soft (I was dreading that someone would sneeze over the display) 
  • and finally fastening a small LED battery-operated light set inside the house (the roof lifts off easily). 
Between us we managed to take 100 photographs of this scene, from various angles and close-ups!!!!

So, here it is - my masterpiece with the lights on at home.

Now for the 'cherry' .... the basic construction of the house was built solely using 6 sheets of the fabulous pure white Ivytree Studio paper from the  Hadeda Garden Collection for the base elements of the house and roof. Why? Because this paper is thicker (240gm) than standard cardstock, is pure pure white, and does not have any texture. I was wondering how it would stand up to being scored, folded, cut on the Cricut, and glued, but it surpassed ALL my expectations! It cut absolutely beautifully either with scissors or the Cricut, scored beautifully, and folded so well without any little nicks or tears. (Thanks Ansu and Surita for producing this great paper).

Front door with kitty cat (kitty as per granddaughter's instructions!)

Bay window showing snow and Christmas decoration

Side window and shutter, also showing embossed panneling piece

Night time!

Ivytree Studio Elements used
161/39Solid colour (white)Hadeda Garden
172/10Rosy Wood Panel/Dotty BlackboardLove

Additional materials used

green cardstock (4x)
cream glitter paper (for snow on roof) (4x)
brown cardstock (3x)
black cardstock (6x)
grey cardstock (3x)
red beads and chord
LED battery-powered lights
pool filter sand
spray glue
Flower soft (white)
small pebbles
cotton wool (smoke in chimney)
tiny snowdrops flowers
ribbon and bell
craft glue
embossing folders (2x)

The white and wood-panel papers are available from Ivytree Studio

Visit Ivytree Studio to see more of what they are up to: www.ivytreestudio.co.za
Buy some of their pretty paper here
Connect with the team on their Facebook page here.
Share your Ivytree Studio layouts with us here